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About me: A wife, a mother & a corporate slave who is newly intended to venture into her own business. Hoping that more quality time can be spared for her son and coming baby!
From: Malaysia
PowerShot A40
Suhaini Bjorn
Attendees: Tasha Marfoa Amiza Nonie Inka Julia Grace Bee and Me Organized by Tasha at her house, they managed to scam me on that day. We were supposed to meet for lunch at Butcher Shop, but there's something fishy going on I couldn't tell. Then when I asked Tasha, what time shall we meet at the restaurant and she said, "can you come over first, I need help with my MacBook.." so okay...but I was hungry already lol! Nv mind, helping a friend is more important than food, so I thought. Then ... View this Fotopage entry
Nonie and Alex
shimozi karin
Latest entry:~ genting trip
it's been a while since the last entry.. too busy to upload those pictures actually.. this is the first outing I'd joined for this year.. and this is not really my "team" outing.. since I am the " very important person" to someone I called best friend , so I agreed to join :-D View this Fotopage entry
the guys
zikarikishi photopages
Latest entry::: Majlis Perkahwinan ::
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Elias & Wahida
Ibu AZs
Latest entry:lil update!!
kami disini juga ;-) View this Fotopage entry
husni yoshio
hye.. im starting to put some pix in this page again after all these while.... (sume gambr2 tersebut telah pun di re-size kan menjadi lebih kecil...& kualiti nya pun kureng la skit :P) View this Fotopage entry
Liyana Sampol
Latest entry:precious..
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kering crewz
Latest entry:Gng Nuang wit Jnrs Generation
Program ni sebenarnya adalah utk Khemah Ibadah Remaja, tp gogoniser telah mencorakkan program ni mengikut acuan sesuka hati dan tanpa belas kasihan.. heheee :-D 8-) skali skala ragging bdk2 junior ni..adat maa senior vs junior..heheee View this Fotopage entry

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