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Thursday, 27-Jul-2006 02:28 Email | Share | Bookmark
Trip to Medan - Parapat - Berastagi - Medan

going for breakfast
taking pictures
view from top
on ferry to samosir island
"amik gambar tu elokk-elokk!!"
okay.. mcm tu laa :)
Rumah Batak - Bukan ikut Minang, tp bentuk perahu terbalik
Going to Kg Tomok (dgn Abg2 Tomok...hehe)
In Kg Tomok, they welcome u with a samarinda..
Makam Ketua-ketua kerajaan Tomok
Shopping in Kg Tomok
Looking for more interesting kain jeruk..
Pasar hari in Kg Tomok
Lunch in Restoran Istana
Stopped for a cup of halia tea @ Siantar Hotel
Ingredients of Ginger Tea - Pedas bangatt
View from Siantar Hotel
Air Terjun Si Piso-piso
Dah sampei di Berastagi
Jeruk (limau), Manggis, Marquisa, Persimmons
Action Kame!! Checking in..
Berastagi - International Cottage Hotel
sarung batak..
dari pokok jeruk..
Day Two:
Right after breakfast, we took a ferry to Kg. Tomok, Samosir Island. Upon arrival we were brief on their history & culture. Quite interesting.. n before we were seated (for the presentation) they gave us a selendang each to wear as a sign of welcoming guest to the place.

Okay, pas tu leh shopping!! Here you can get kain batik from pokok jeruk (pokok limau) where when you crunch the kain together; the aroma of jeruk will come out.. it's amazing If you come in the morning, it's an advantage cause you can get the 'pecah telur' price which means lower price for you because you are the 1st customer!! So, my advice is.. get the kain batik from batang jeruk tuu, also buy the kain batik halus for only Rp 50,000 per piece - rege pecah telur (around RM20 lah), if u are lucky maybe u can bargain for more!! And from my opinion also.. if you can get down to RM10 per piece for any good quality kain batik - it is cheap enough; BUY 'EM because when you get to Bandar Medan - shopping price may not be as cheap as this n it will not be a PEACEFULL shopping experience .

Oh.. by the way.. "Tomok" here means "Gemuk".. So while we were going out of the shop lots, all the sellers were trying to get our attention to buy their things.. and most of them called Syawal n Fatin like.."Mari la abang TOMOK sayang... beli sini.. " Hahahha.. me n Kak Aisah can't stop laughing.. they even go to the extent of grabbing or holding you hands to get attention tau.. pretty scaryyy..

After shopping, time to go back.. waited for the ferry n reached back to Toba at noon. We stopped by at the Istana Restaurant for lunch.. makan sampai nak pecah perut.. One thing good about this trip was that the food never failed was always more that enough n it's so good that it keeps us so happy along the journey.. hahaha

We reached Berastagi aroung 6 pm - it's like Cameron Highland in Malaysia; just that the town is much smaller n the height is not as high as Cameron, where we went in to the market to take a look at the things they sell. There are no price tag n my advice is for you to go around the market n ask a few shops for the pricing before you buy things.. Like me, when I asked for the 1st shop, she wanted to sell me Persimmons for Rp 10,000 per kg.. then i went to the next one and got it for only Rp4,000!

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