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Friday, 15-Aug-2008 15:02 Email | Share | Bookmark
Umrah: Madinah - Makkah

Salam Everyone!

Alhamdulillah, thx to my bro-in-law & beloved Sis Zila.. I was given the opportunity to perform Umrah in August this year . Was so happy & thrilled at the same time. Didn't come across my mind that I was able to be in Haram at this early age. As known, I was 3 months pregnant at that moment and still have not recoved from the "all-day sickness". However with Allah's blessing - Alhamdulillah everything went well.

It was hot in SA, so I didn't go out much during the day except when I was in Madinah (because the hotel was very..very near to Nabawi Mosque). Just that the hot weather makes me feel more nauseous - no dizziness..just.. uweeekkkk..

Anyway when I was in Haram, we stayed at the hotel that was notttttt that far and because of the construction that was still ongoing (at the Sae'i area which was the nearest entrance from our hotel into the mosque) going to the mosque 5 times a day was challenging. Imagine..with dusty road & rocks, walking up the hill, in hot weather & u r nauseaously pregnant ..haha - hey, I am not complaining, just picturing the ambiance to you ...and I pancit masa Sae'i.. hahaha.. last 2 laps had to be pushed on a wheelchair by my so-understanding-kindhearted-blessed hubby..hihihi. Nasib ader wheelchair mak! After tawaf, we lepak for a while dekat2 bwh depan Kaabah tu.. Ya Allah, only He Himself knows what I was feeling masa tu.. Insaf seinsaf insafnyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prayed a lot..asked for forgiveness to the max! (Byk dosa giler babsssssssss! - and fitrah manusia itu sentiasa terdedah dgn dosa kan..) huhuhu...

Jalan-jalan for shopping was not as fun as it is supposed to be because of my condition - penat - nausea - penat - nausea.. tu jeee yg I rasa..boringggggg.. sib baik dlm mesjid ader air-cond.. (air cond dlm mesjid nabawi terbaikkkkkk okay..) even in Haram pun kena 1/2 tawaf to go to the air-cond nyer area.

Personally, I prefer being in Madinah (and it's one of Rasullah SAW's favourite too, okay..) love Nabawi Mosque soooooOoooo much... and missing it.. hope to go back there again.... and to taste my Kudu's Grilled Chicken Sandwich again (itu je yg boleh masuk tekak ni)... kat Mesia punya la giler arabic food, sampai food jugak aku belasah..X boleh tahan la bau derang nyer nasik mendy.. nak beli kebab pun kena tutup hidung sbb in most of the stall/restaurant ader bau nasik tuuuu...

..and nevertheless that I realized that this would be the last trip with my father (FIL). He passed away 10 days after we came back from Umrah. RIP, may Allah gives continuous blessing & forgiveness to him till The Day.. Amin..

Enjoy the pics!

Miqdad, Baba & Mama - Sending me to airport

Departure - Transit


In Madinnah

Shopping in Madinnah

Museum in Makkah

Camel's Farm in Makkah

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