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Saturday, 20-Jan-2007 20:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Raj's Wedding

Ceremony started..
& the guys trying to pose for some shots
I'm getting sleepy la.. no beer.. hehe
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Wednesday, 10-Jan-2007 03:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
New goodies from APPLE..

Let me present u on the new iPHONE

Monday, 8-Jan-2007 03:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lyn's Birthday!!!!!!

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It was an advanced - surprised - birthday celebration for lyn... hahahah simply because Nina gotten confused with the date. It supposed to be on the 18th!!! not on the 8th.. hahahha

Nway, definately it was fun n of course Lyn was not being suspicious... yelah.. bukan b-day dier kan..

Thx to NINA for the cake! AI + NOR for choosing the cake & as part of the organizers + me as the driver.. hahahaha

Extra thx to Nor for making our stomach sick after the 'Mint' flavored coffee last nite...

Tuesday, 2-Jan-2007 03:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
@ Kemaman Kopitiam, Kuantan

tgh tggu nak kluar..
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We stayed over @ aunty Imah's hse in Balok, Kuantan before going back to KL the next day. Bro yunus + nalis + PIL lepak kat umah Abg Badry. Sempat gak pi kopitiam mlm tu.. I'm so addicted to COFFEE rite now.. kat rumah coffee, office coffee..almost every nite pi kopitiam kat Sec 14..n tis caused my weight to naikkkkk! ayooo.. tp sedap laa.. sedap gilerr okayyyy! Since there's a few kopitiam dah i tried.. Let me recommend what type of coffee you must try n where..

Old Town Kopitiam - It's White Coffee - and that is the best Ipoh white coffee!

Kemaman Kopitiam - Classic Coffee & Vietnamese Coffee (something like espresso but with a little bit of condensed milk in it)

Hai Peng Kopitiam - Here they dun complicate u with all sorts of coffee name you've heard of. A simple menu to choose from - Kopi? Kopi Ais? Kopi o? n a few blended coffee.. The regular KOPI is the best coffee among all kopitiams... Siap beli a pack of the coffee mix bwk balik..

Sunday, 31-Dec-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
AidilAdha 1427

Hai Peng Kopitiam..
lots of antique stuff
me + mama
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Went to Terengganu for this year's Aidil Adha. For today's entry I'm incorporating all the photos from the day we left KL to the day we're back. We left on Saturday, went to my BIL's house in Kuantan 1st then after lunch back on the highway. In Kemaman we drop by at the Hai Peng Kopitiam - REALLY NICE COFFEE & CHARCOAL TOASTED BREAD (homemade i assume..)

My aunt Rahimah from Kuantan, together with my ittoko Attiya + Shakir are already in KT. They stayed in my uncle's place in Rusila. We.. stayed at The Qurata Riverside near to the floating mosque, the scenery is great not only because it's next to the beutiful mosque but it is at the riverbanks... I've always stayed there whenever I'm in KT.. cheap & chic!

On the Raya Day - Solat in masjid Hj Hadi.. (x ingat nama laa) kat Rusila, ramaiiiii org... kuthbah pun besttt... (noo.. no politics pun!) Pas tu gi umah Mak Sue's mom, ate nasik dagang... sedappp bangettttttt.. pas lepak2 sat we went to Mak Sue's mak angkat's house plak. She's a mualaf - just converted mid 2006, cian dier.. raya sensorang - anak dier ada gak yg Muslim (married) tp hampeh.. stok mengabihkan borehh jo.. let's pray for Nenek Aminah for her life - health, blessings, prosperity & a non-stop hidayah for her always.. amin.

My PIL + bro yunus + nalis joined in on the noon of Raya Day, they had Nasik Dagang for lunch gak but at my uncle's place, dinner pun sama gak... (kedai sumer x bukak laaa)

On the next day, dah get ready pepagi to shop in Pasar Payang; but this time, i had no budget to shop for kain la.. ala2 tutup mata je biler lalu kedai kain. Beli bakul satay.. (nak bwk pi market senang nnt), gayung made from nipah & a type of mengkuang woven basket.

Ptg tu pulang dgn suka hatinyer sbb my uncle bagi 2 pasuuuus of mother-in-law's tongue! Yeay!!

With this.. (cee mcm nak end speeech plak) I would like to give a million thx to our host in KT; Shout out to my uncle Nazeri + my aunt Sue!! hehe..Thank you for being such a lovely host throughout our days in KT. We look forward to make this a yearly event.. (insya-allah) and hope that more of our family members can join us in the future...!!

mm.. lupa lak nak mention.. Baba couldn't join us sbb 'Girl' beranak plaaaaakk..

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