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Tuesday, 20-Feb-2007 03:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
With ROzam & Ct @ Ol' Town K0pitiam (FInally..updated.. hehe)

Welcome to Old Town Kopitiam, Taipan USJ!

Their selection of coffee mix..

mmMm... apa nak minum ya?

ishh.. sama-sama pulak sibuk nak kan menu tuh..

eemmmmMmmm.. nice aromatic hazelnut coffee...

rozam givin it a stirrrrr... not shaken..


have ur blended mocha latte with toasted bread?

with a reallyyyy nice toasted kaya + butter bread...

they also have several choises of fruitty ice blended drinks..

....The End...

Saturday, 3-Feb-2007 16:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
PD.. Here we goooOOooooo!!

Okay! Everybody was excited on this 'emergency' trip. Rite after Fifah's wed we went straight to my nanny's place in Linggi, N9. I had to pass some things to my aunt. After solah & short refreshing.. and not forgeting to pose with the kittens - we head back to PD. Alhamdulilah the trip went well from the start till we got back... since it was an 'emergency'.. we did not book any room earlier and for that we had to check out 1 by 1 for available room tat is - cheap n chic - at most of the resorts n hotels there. Parking at every places that we stopped by when going around was sooooooOOoooo easy, i felt so good; like as if it was a VIP trip, without driver.. heheheh - even at the Pasar Malam area! We decided to stay at the Sunshine Bay apartment with 1 room. It was nice, the apmt was chic-ker.. (hihihi) than our previous stay in Sunshine Bay (with the ex-HND-ians).. Luckily we were given the apmt on the 1st floor - easy stairs access from ground floor - one lift was down.. tu yg x besh.. lift situ slalu down..

Sunshine Bay Apartment

@ Teluk Kemang




Saturday, 3-Feb-2007 09:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Afifah's Wedding

CONGRATULATIONS TO FieFah & HubbY on your WEDDING!!! Hopefully u like the gift tau ke yg mana satu kitorang kasik?!??! hehehe

Lyn's photo x der aaa..dlm camera nina yg x upload lagi... cipat nina gimme photos yg ader muka lyn nnt majuk lak dier..

Great wedding, well planned by NOR... credits to her!

Sunday, 28-Jan-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
jLn-jLn JMDs: iKAn0 CNY! tInISpA! p0RcELaIn sH0P sHAH aLaM!

The Invation of Butterflies!!
Nina just can't stop talking bout her 'butterflies' in her lou, weeks passes n now i think it should be "okay" to talk n to show the picture that she proudly shown us... hahha x habis2 crita okkay...dr dlm keta-luar-masa makan-lepak-dlm toilet-sumer la nak citer benda sama nih.. excited la tuuuu

It has been a while until I am able to upload the pics form last month into my fp today. The gurls had lunch at my place on Sunday, 28th Jan, then we went to Ikano & Ikea for jalan-jalan... What was the menu? Roasted Chicken, Lamb, Potato salad, bread, butter cake... tu jerr..
the massage was nice, steam bath - nothing more than ordinary, herbal bath - BEST! - nice ambiance, mask - not that exiciting. CUSTOMER SERVICE + Communication skill?? - 0.5 - out of 100!!

dah sopping2 pinggan mangkuk sampai nak pengsan.. br makan2.. hehe

Saturday, 20-Jan-2007 22:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
JMD's Nite Out @ Chilis - Lyn's BDay Dinner!

me + bday gurl
nor rocks + fiefah + nina
taste testing - my marble cheese cupcakes
View all 31 photos...
Lyn blanja CHILIs yeay!!!

I was sitting in the middle, so it was kinda hard for me to get up from my seat to take shots from different angle.. ceewah mcm konon2 pro plak.. nway we were hungry but after a while...we had a bittttttt of difficulty to finish up the food.. hehehhe..

Note: Ai couldn't make it.. member letih, br balik dr batu pahat.. X per, next time ek Ai.. on ur bday plak...(hehehehe)

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