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Friday, 30-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Symphony' Call Center Annual Dinner @ Planet Hollywood, KL!!

ct + yana + mala
nalis + rozam.. mana food?? lapar tau!!!
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Happy new year ppl!!

It was funnn!! Thanx to Farra for makin it hip + fun..

"Paint the town RED + BLACK" was the theme..

Started at 8pm.. we had our dinner while playing games..

balloon blasting.. coke drinking competition.. lucky drawsss

I got loads of gift tat nite..

me + nalis went back around 11:30.. others continued partying, i guess [size=9][/size

Tuesday, 6-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
it's a surprised b-day for me!!

see my team lead? behind there.. trying 2 steal my limelight :P
It was my b-day.. i didn't expect anything nor nothing.. hehehe

I was not in the office since morning.. had a meeting with Amy & Wai Ling in Mellinium, Damansara.

And strangely, after lunch..Syawal keeps on calling and asking wer i was..

(i can't keep that smile off my face! i knew someting was On!) heheh

and of course i need to go back to the office cuz i normally go home with nalis
(my nephew..- to old for a nephew )..

few minutes later.. someone was at the door.. ding dong-ing the bell..

Syawal appeared then head straight to the pantry...

ah haa! i saw pizzas!!! and a whole of a cheeseeeeeee cake! yummy!!!

Even though i but this is the 1st surprise b-day party i've ever had!!

Thank you so muchhh to my honey bun...Love you baby!!!

Sunday, 4-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
St.Marians - Class of '96 gathering!! @ Planet Hollywood, KL!

eda + noi + maya + leen + me + mag
Group photo..
front: noi + leen + keat yee. back: mag + maya + me + cyndy
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This gathering was actually held on the 3rd of DEC 2005. But i just dun wanna mix it with nina's + skin's photos..

"Oh my god!!!" that was what came out from my mouth everytime when i saw em one by one...

It's almost after 9 years & we finally had a gathering... i was so excited & happy to see those who turned up..

Keat Yee gonna organise a big one next year!! hopefully more ppl will be there!!

(Photos are courtesy from Mui Foong, Fui Fui, Pooi Yeng & Christine Lam)

Saturday, 3-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
skin + nina "nikah" nite..

ai + me
jejaka berposing
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All photos & it's crazy caption; by Ai... (me add just a lil bit..)

and i thought i was sssooo late for the event..
when i reached there the 'upacara' just started..wheww..

n alhamdullilah at about 20 minutes later, they are officially husband+wife..

i'm so glad that they are together at last..

being a friend of nina the crazy "ribena berry" kid is full of "fun + happy moments"..
with her unpredictable jokes..n actions..
i was so facinated with her way of describing & telling bout things or story to ppl back then when i started to get to know her during college days...

arrhhhh i'm not good with words.. u have to know her to understand her..
(ermm good comments eyy? shall put it in her friendster..)

hafiz the not-so-crazy+fussy-kinda-at-times+make-jokes-with-a-blank-face.. hehehe
he has this serious look on his face everytime...very good on pulling ppl's leg..
and..he'll just ignore u if he thinks u suck! hahah.. skin rules!!

Saturday, 8-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
buka @ pdrm keramat

hasni + peeja
syawal + gee
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we had sort of a pot-luck buka @ skin's place...

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