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Trip to Medan - Parapat - Berastagi - Medan

A small shopping complex called Ramayana
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Day Four:
rELaXing dAy...

We had lunch @ A&W kat Ramayana tu, 2 meals cost around Rp40,000 ++ the place is very near to Semarak Hotel... jalan kaki jerk..

Since yesterday dah singgah kat Plaza Medan.. n tgk Spa dier pun x der sgt yg menarik.. I bought lah a pack of Indo-made-green-tea lulur.. buat sendiri kat HOtel... oooOOoo nyaman nyerr..

Mlm tu naik cab 'PAk RockY' pi mkn kat Restoren Famili.. kat Hotel Ibunda..we were there around 9pm tp lauk byk dah abishhh, tp mkn laaa jugak.. dah lapar.. Starting from today onwards mkn2 dah not included in the package.. so dinner ni we spent around Rp80,000 - dgn lauk yg terhad utk 4 org..

... i dun know if I wanna mention tis or not.. well.. better mention lar since I felt really uneasy bout this.. Kat otel ni gak ramai org2 melayu lelaki tua (nak mampos tp x sedar diri) main pompuan - it's a norm here..I dun give a damn at 1st... but lepas mengkantoikan org yg aku kenal..(kalau mata ni x silap laaa).n as like everyone else.. memula tu assume la maybe derang ni are here for business purposes.. tp kan masa turun breakfast.. nampak lak seko2 turun asing2 n bawak pompuan turun skali.. nak kata business meeting in the morning pun.. i dun see anyone of them wearing business attire.. n i guess if u were there, seeing em with pompuan2 boyan tu.. (dah la x lawa...) mmg immediately dpt tangkap dah.. when i took a pic masa breakfast tu.. aku terpandang lah org tua tuu, tau plak cover2 muka ngan rokok.. mesti ingat aku nak amik gambar.. padan muka dier!!! it's just sooo pathetic.. kang x pasal2 kena AIDS ker aper kang.. x ker sia2? So to friends out there.. better be alert of ur hubby, dad and even u'r brother.. u will never know what they are up tooo... jeng jeng jennnnnggg....

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Trip to Medan - Parapat - Berastagi - Medan

View from International Cottage
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Day Three:
After checked-out, we went to Gundaling - this hill where we were supposed to be able to the the view scenery from uphill down till the Toba Lake.. but it was still full of mist around there..we couldn't see a thing...

From Gundaling to Medan, it only takes about 2 hours drive n by now only we felt the road was really winding.. We slept through out the journey..

In Medan, our guide took us to a separate kedai batek which he claimed that the prices there should be much more cheaper than Pajak Ikan - not really.. there's only one shop there n there's not much choice of batek punn... Org2.. "pedagang asokan" pun ramai..Belum kluar kereta lagi dah kena serbu.. pas masuk dlm kedai.. aman skit sbb derang x kacau.. tp derang tggu plak depan kedai.. keluar jer kedai.. kena kejar lagi... x selesa langsunggg nak shopping!!!!!

Pas tu gi Pajak Ikan gak...situation still the same ngan "pedagang asokan" ni.. so kena jln cepat2.. susah nak concentrate.. dlm pada tu sempat jugak la mark kedai yg jual kain ela for bed sheet yg lawa2.. aper lagi.. borong lah.. 1 meter dlm Rp18,000 (RM7.80) sbb pikir x der kat mesia punya pasal.. beli laaa, tp x byk pun stakat cukup 1 complete bed sheet set jerk.. Nak carik kain batek pun.. x der punya yg boleh dpt 5 for RM10 (hahahah - that was wat i assumed) Kain yg elok.. paling kurang pun RM10 for 1 helai.. kalau yg x kemas or x lawa tu leh la kurang lagi.. batek lukis pun mahal.. open price Rp 120,000 = RM48 ++.... kat sini.. nak amik gamba pun x sempat!!

Ptg tu sempat singgah kat Medan Plaza which was the oldest and the 1st shooping complex kat medan, kedai2 dlm tu pun mcm kat Pertama jerkk.. kat blakang2 tu byk gak shop lots Spa2... but mcm sama jerk yg kat KL.. x der ala2 Bali pun.. (boring...) oh.. Syawal sempat gak intai2 sun glasses yg dier dah patah kan.. heheh ray-ban diamond heart... boleh tahan laa harga.. murah lagi dr KL katanya..

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Trip to Medan - Parapat - Berastagi - Medan

going for breakfast
taking pictures
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Day Two:
Right after breakfast, we took a ferry to Kg. Tomok, Samosir Island. Upon arrival we were brief on their history & culture. Quite interesting.. n before we were seated (for the presentation) they gave us a selendang each to wear as a sign of welcoming guest to the place.

Okay, pas tu leh shopping!! Here you can get kain batik from pokok jeruk (pokok limau) where when you crunch the kain together; the aroma of jeruk will come out.. it's amazing If you come in the morning, it's an advantage cause you can get the 'pecah telur' price which means lower price for you because you are the 1st customer!! So, my advice is.. get the kain batik from batang jeruk tuu, also buy the kain batik halus for only Rp 50,000 per piece - rege pecah telur (around RM20 lah), if u are lucky maybe u can bargain for more!! And from my opinion also.. if you can get down to RM10 per piece for any good quality kain batik - it is cheap enough; BUY 'EM because when you get to Bandar Medan - shopping price may not be as cheap as this n it will not be a PEACEFULL shopping experience .

Oh.. by the way.. "Tomok" here means "Gemuk".. So while we were going out of the shop lots, all the sellers were trying to get our attention to buy their things.. and most of them called Syawal n Fatin like.."Mari la abang TOMOK sayang... beli sini.. " Hahahha.. me n Kak Aisah can't stop laughing.. they even go to the extent of grabbing or holding you hands to get attention tau.. pretty scaryyy..

After shopping, time to go back.. waited for the ferry n reached back to Toba at noon. We stopped by at the Istana Restaurant for lunch.. makan sampai nak pecah perut.. One thing good about this trip was that the food never failed was always more that enough n it's so good that it keeps us so happy along the journey.. hahaha

We reached Berastagi aroung 6 pm - it's like Cameron Highland in Malaysia; just that the town is much smaller n the height is not as high as Cameron, where we went in to the market to take a look at the things they sell. There are no price tag n my advice is for you to go around the market n ask a few shops for the pricing before you buy things.. Like me, when I asked for the 1st shop, she wanted to sell me Persimmons for Rp 10,000 per kg.. then i went to the next one and got it for only Rp4,000!

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Trip to Medan - Parapat - Berastagi - Medan

our partners in crime..The DON & Wifey
on board..
Arrived In Medan
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Day One:
Arrived around 8:30 am (lndonesian Time).. 1st stop was to Istana Maimon, which there was nothing much in there except for the Historical Building, pictures of the Kerajaan Deli (that came from Kuala Kangsar), some history explanations and that's it - not really worth going to.

We skipped visiting Mesjid Raya, drove past by n took few pics.

Went straight to the highway (in Amplas) to get to Parapat, after 2 hours of driving, we stopped for lunch in Restaurant Simpang 3 - Ohhh the food was marvelous!! and the journey continues...

At Siantar.. we stopped at a resting place that sells all kind of kacang tumbuk.. the Ting-Ting, Tang-Tang, Ping-Ping, POng-Pong.. n mcm2 lagi lah... I dun eat kacang.. so x beli lah.. hehe

Finally @ about 6pm sampai lah kat Danau Toba Hotel tu.. Sempat rayau2 kat town.. banyak anjing sini.. nasib x jumpa B2!! hehe sini dilabelkan makanan kegemaran mereka seperti B1 & B2. B1 tu anjing.. B2 alif ba ya! Ader gak kedai makanan muslim.. tp mcm was2 lah.. We decided to buy TELKOMSEL nyer sim card for our usage since roaming DIGI i unable to access to any network!! (*&^*$%&) - Lagi murah Rp12,000 for sim.. skali top up sumer nyer Rp 30,000.. dpt free Rp10,000 pulsar (top up) lagik! Sms to M'sia will only cost you Rp500 = RM0.04 sen jerkk!! Oh and the coverage.. kat tgh2 tasik dlm ferry nak pi Samosir Island tu pun ader line, full bar!!

I need to mention here that the traffic in Medan and the road users here are freaks!! They drive like road bullies, uses honk everytime n everywhere.. school childen will get on top of the *buses if it's full..hell dangerous! Imagine; with the way they drive?!?! but one thing good is that I did not see any accident happens

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Bdays for FARAH, RAJ & MOHAN

bdays for...
interframe part 1 - rozam & yusry
interframe part 2 - yusry
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